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I’ve written lots of songs over the years.  A few of those songs have been recorded on various Harvest CD’s. I picked some of those and put them on one album available on iTunes, Spotify and other outlets.

Take a look on iTunes now.

Of course, none of these could be done without the help of countless people over the years!  Thanks to everyone who has participated in some way.  All proceeds from the sale of this album (all of which have all been previously released* through other Harvest CD’s) will go toward the Harvest Van Fund!

To Live Is Christ – This song comes from a great bit of Scripture and was recorded at Music Masters in St. Louis with the help of Rick Murphy and other Harvest Team members.

There is Hope – I wrote this song somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas one year when I decided to fast from the guitar for those four weeks.  This was one of the only songs I have written where the words came without music. Matt Burton played the acoustic lead on the recording of this song.

Glorify – This was written a couple nights before Harvest recorded the We Wait CD.

Dream Big – This song was written for The Light Kids Conference.  This was originally on the Harvest Big God Cd recorded at Webster University with the help of Mike Smith and several other Harvest guys.

Stand Firm – This song was one of the first songs I wrote back in high school and was on the very first album I created as a freshmen in college.  This particular version was recorded in 1999 when Harvest recorded The River Is Here.  Matt Nicol and Jackson Price are the other two singing on this song.  I also like the very, very end of the song where Jackson says, “that one hurt my gut.”

Just Around The Corner – I’m not sure what gave me the idea for this song, but it was recorded on the Harvest There is Hope CD in 2000.

You You You – This was written in my garage late one night before The Light Kids Conference in Washington, IL back in 2006.  We have used it for many camps and events since.

High and Low – This song was also written for The Light Kids Conference the year the theme was Reach – it’s stories in scripture where people reached out to Jesus.  Roy Wells was instrumental in helping me craft this song and recorded it.

Walk in the Light – This song was written for the Walk in the Light CD. Several guys and girls from the Harvest Band played on this song (and this CD).

You Alone – I wrote this song one night sitting at our piano in our St. Jacob, IL home.  It was around the time that our first daughter was born.

Satisfied – I wrote this song during my time at Asbury Seminary.  It was recorded on the Come to Know album with the help of Jamie Hudgins.  My cousin, Sarah Jahn, also sang on this song.

By Faith In You – This was a song that the Illinois Great Rivers Conference UMC asked me to write for their theme that year which was By Faith… In Tents.  This was recorded by Justin Aymer and each of the people who played on it were serving in churches around the conference, including Justin Aymer and Jackson Price.

Spirit Move – This was a prayer song I wrote during my days at Asbury Seminary.  The first place I ever sang it for someone was in the lobby of the dining hall at the school.

Because You are Jesus – These were words that my dad, Dennis Price, wrote for one of his Christmas Sermon series.  I helped put it to music and my brother and I sang it on an album my mom dad recorded a few years back.  Sarah Jahn was also instrumental in helping to come up with some of the tune to this song.

I Know You Are Able – This song was written with the help of Jackson Price and Dave Plemons.

We Wait – I remember writing this song, but can’t remember why.  I was reading scripture, playing piano, and literally waiting to go somewhere… and this song came out.

*Because You Are Jesus was not released a Harvest CD, but was recorded on an album my mom and dad recorded.  By Faith In You was also never released on a Harvest CD – but was recorded for annual conference and outside of that event, has never been available. 

* There have been a ton of people who have helped in making Harvest music over the years, but here are the people who helped on these particular songs:   Justin Aymer, Mike Smith, Jeff Nail, Roy Wells, Greg Trampe, Theo Harden, Jackson Price, Dave Plemons, Justin Hendrix, Matt Renfro, Rick Murphy, Sarah Jahn,  Duane Little, Adam Ward, Rachel Gunn, Jamie Hudgins, Chad Jewett, Matt Burton, Brian Caringer, and Suzanne Price.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this CD on iTunes goes to Harvest Ministry Teams, Inc (a 501 C 3 Non-For Profit organization with a mission to equip Christian leaders and provide a resource to the local church).   


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