Smile When You See Them

“Smile when you see them…”

This simple rule applies to several areas of life.

It applies to your spouse.

It applies to your kids.

It applies to your ministry team.

It applies to your coworkers.

It applies to your congregation.

What does a smile do?

A smile elevates your own mood.

A smile sets people at ease.

A smile encourages connection and friendships.

A smile helps you stay positive.

A smile opens the door for conversation, invitation, and interaction.

There’s a good chance you already smile when you greet, or as your friends and family approach.

But there’s a very good chance, in our oversaturated, self-absorbed, screen-focused, inward-looking lives that we may think we’re smiling at people around us, but we’re not.

When your kids come in the room, make eye contact and smile.

When your worship team shows up early on Sunday morning, smile.

When you get to work on Monday, smile.

When you get home and see you husband or wife, smile.

It’s a good rule to follow.

Smile when you see them.

This “rule” came from a book I’ve been reading called “Parking Lot Rules” by Tom Sturges.

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