Slow Down…

slow downI was emptying the dishwasher at the tail end of my lunch hour at home.  As I was hurrying through this simple chore, my youngest came walking around the corner saying, “dad, dad, dad…  can you hode (hold) me?”

“Oh buddy, I can’t hold you right now, I’ve got to do this important thing I’m… “.  I didn’t finish the sentence. I began wondering if I was really about say that emptying in the dishwasher was an important thing in life?  I was too busy emptying the dishwasher to hold her?   So I stopped for a moment and picked her up.

Yep. There are times when I have to slow down.  A little while later, in the process of putting together information for a Harvest Event, I ran across this picture – taken when we were in Virginia last summer.  It was another reminder that slowing down is important.

It’s not always in my nature to slow down for a moment.  In fact, keeping a car going at 8 MPH is more about putting on brakes than it is pushing on the gas.  Of course, it’s a balance…  one that I want to keep learning. Pray hard, push hard, play hard, fully rest, and slow down to be fully attentive to my family.


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