Six Practical Ways To Create Momentum In Your Organization

It’s understood that momentum is an organization’s best friend.  Momentum helps you blow past obstacles.  Momentum attracts people to you and your mission.  Momentum can help move something small into something great and quickly – even when all the odds are against you.

Without momentum, you can lose steam quickly.  Obstacles seem insurmountable. And your organization or team lacks energy.

Momentum is hard to get.  It’s even harder to get back.  Here are six thoughts for finding and keeping momentum in your church or organization.

Do something new or improve something

I heard Andy Stanley once talk on the topic of momentum.  He mentioned the sheer number of times that you see the word “new” or “new and improved” on products at a grocery store.  To keep the product moving, they have to be constantly tweaking and making changes.  People love new!  They love when things are getting better.  What can you get that’s new?  It doesn’t always have to cost money – it can be a new theme, a new concept, a new system for making things better.  It might be new attitudes or vision.  What areas can you improve in your church or organization?  What physical spaces need improving?  Are websites, posters, fliers, and magazines up to date?

Make it more about the movement than about you

Momentum comes when people get behind the movement and the mission.  When you are excited about it, people will begin to get excited about it.  People are always attracted to something bigger than themselves.

Immediately follow one success with another – even small ones

Make something good happen.  Then, plan for another success to follow it.  A series of successful things is one working description of momentum.  Don’t wish every worship service or presentation could be great for the next year.  Just plan on making this week’s great. Work on that for now.

Consistency in communication, networking & publicity builds momentum

This takes some work, but if you are going to keep your movement going, you have to keep it in the eye of the public.  In the age of free social media, there are many more messages vying for the attention of everyone in your organization.  So, learn the art of consistency.  You don’t have to do everything, but what you choose to do, do with consistency.

Keep successes on display (visually & verbally) for your organization

Help people remember all that has happened to this point.  Where you came from and where you are now.  Noting these successes will help keep people moving forward. What are some ways that you can keep the successes in front of your team and your organization?  With stories, images, and words, the leadership creates a culture of giving thanks for all that’s happened and a vision for even greater things!

Understand the importance of the first followers

They are the ones who are on board with you, going with you.  Make it fun and easy for them.  Welcome the first followers as equals. New followers will emulate followers, not the leader. To build momentum, you need to build the momentum in your first followers.


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