Survival Is A Terrible Goal For A Church

Sometimes, a church will get the idea that God’s vision for their ministry is to maintain what they have before pursuing growth and health. The fact is that “survival” is a terrible goal. Hoping to keep the status quo is not motivating, nor is it God-honoring. You will not put your church in a position … Read more

Grow The Tree You Have

Imagine a tree growing in your yard. It’s a magnificent oak tree, one of rare breed and very beautiful. But the owner doesn’t really care for the mighty oak because he wanted some Australian Acacia growing there. The owner dismisses the shade, the power, and the beauty of the incredible oak tree all while wishing … Read more

12 Things Every Church Ought to Know About Their Community…

The beauty of the church is that it literally everywhere. There are roughly 50 million people in the United states who called themselves believers and attend worship on a regular basis. In fact, in the United Methodist world, there are way more UMC’s than there are McDonald’s in the country – almost three to one.  And that’s … Read more

Six Practical Ways To Create Momentum In Your Organization

It’s understood that momentum is an organization’s best friend.  Momentum helps you blow past obstacles.  Momentum attracts people to you and your mission.  Momentum can help move something small into something great and quickly – even when all the odds are against you. Without momentum, you can lose steam quickly.  Obstacles seem insurmountable. And your organization or … Read more

Five Warning Signs a Church is Unhealthy.

I recently read an article from Thom Rainer that listed five warning signs a church may be sick.   It may look healthy on the outside, but once these things begin to set in, full blown sickness is inevitable.  Five Warning Signs 1. The church has few outwardly focused ministries. Most of the budget dollars in the church … Read more