Six Basic Questions For Leaders Who Want Excellent Ministry

When we are part of a ministry team, we need to regularly answer a basic set of questions. The answers help us stay connected in our ministry role and continue with a sense of purpose and fulfillment – even when we don’t know we are asking or need an answer.

Leaders at all levels of the church need to answer the following questions for the people serving with them. The most senior leader also needs to answer them for their church leadership board members.

  • What are we doing? (Vision and Mission)
  • Why are we doing it? (Purpose and Goals)
  • What’s the plan to win? (Strategy)
  • How are we doing? (Health of the Ministry)
  • What’s my part? (Expectations)
  • How am I doing? (Feedback)

Keeping your team, followers, and ministry staff informed is a key aspect of leadership. Structure these simple questions into your calendar. Formalize them with regular meetings (even once a year). Ask and answer them informally through immediate feedback and connections.

These questions were from the book Unusually Excellent by John Hamm; and I thought they were great.