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Our goal through the Tim Price / Harvest Blog is to offer practical ministry related resources to help you gain ideas, clarity and insights to help you confidently lead the church you serve and serve the church you lead.

In case you missed it, here’s a summary of some recent blog posts.  Thanks for reading!




How Kids Catch Fish (And What The Church Can Learn From It)

Five Simple Ways To Make Your Organization Outstanding

Five Actions For Ministry Leaders


Free Worship Leader Resources (12 Great Websites)

7 Ideas For Energetically Leading Worship in a Small Setting

Take Note Of What Is Overflowing From Your Heart Today


Why You Must Become Comfortable As A Virtual Minister

Everyone Wins When The Leader Gets Better

Seven Ways Every Church Needs To Fight For The Next Generation


5 Ways Kids Can Live Out The Great Commission

Why You Should Use Motions Songs in Kids Worship

Seven Ways To Parent With Frugal Extravagance



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