5 Ways Kids Can Live Out The Great Commission

5 ways kids live out gcJesus’ command to go “into all the world” can be a little daunting to a kid.  But, we still teach the Great Commission and they should experience it. Here are two basic principles I like to highlight for kids regarding this passage:

One: We’re called to go.  Two: Jesus is always with us.

When Jesus calls us and sends us, we must be obedient. We can trust that He is right there leading us. The sooner children catch on to this the better. This will be added to the wealth of their knowledge and experience of God leading them as they grow in life and faith.


Here are five ways kids can go into their world to share God’s love:

1) They Can Go To Their Home

I don’t know how many parents have been brought to church by their kids.  Many homes need to experience God’s love and message in a fresh new way. Kids are invited to go to their homes and share their faith in practical ways. Obey parents, be kind, put God and others first.

2) They Can Go To Their Neighborhood

Kids can go to their neighborhood.  Just like selling cookies or pizzas, kids can go to homes in their neighborhood to drop off fliers for something special at church or make a special invitation for a special service.  Kids can also live out the Great Commission by helping neighbors, smiling, being kind and living life with a purpose of sharing God’s love.  Giving gifts to neighbors for special holidays can be a powerful witness.  One of the recent activities during Sunday School was to make a homeless kit.  This Ziploc bag was full of snacks, toiletries and other items.  That very week, we ran into someone who could use it and we gave it away.

3) They Can Go To Their School

School is a wide-open world of opportunity for kids to go!  They can invite other kids to their church, they can do their best work possible, they can be friendly, and they can grow in faith as disciples, learning to do the right thing and follow God’s word every day.  Kids can pray for their teachers and friends.

4) They Can Go To Their Church

The church needs kids to live out the Great Commission among them.  There is plenty of ministry that can happen by kids at church. I’ve heard it said that the older generation provides the faithfulness and the younger generation provides the freshness to faith.  The congregation needs kids to step up and be faithful.  When kids serve in worship or hospitality, when they go on small trips to serve and help and when they love people in the congregation, there is a big witness that takes place.  The church is strengthened.

5) They Can Be Ready To Go To Other Parts Of The World

As any parent will tell you, you blink and your kid is grown.  Help them learn now how important it is to take mission trips, be faithful to God’s call, and to live with a desire to serve in kingdom ministry no matter what profession they choose.


Kids will model what they see in the adults who are leading them in faith.  As we live out the Great Commission, they will naturally learn it.  In what ways are you regularly modeling The Great Commission for your kids? Here are 5 Steps Toward More Mission-Minded Kids


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