Power of Pentecost

actsWhen the Spirit moved in the young church, miracles happened.  We need to be a church filled with the spirit, a church that believes in miracles.  Here’s some of what we observe in Acts 4:1-22 (I was assigned this text to preach on last Sunday).

When the Spirit is present:

1) There will be opposition.  The priests, the Chief of the Temple Guard, and the Sadducees all came to confront Peter and John?  That’s a pretty large, powerful and prestigious group to deal with two seemingly insignificant people.

2) They spoke with confidence. Peter and John were hauled in for questioning.  Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, preached powerfully to his enemies and accusers!  A far cry from a few months before when he had denied even knowing Jesus (Matt 26:69).  This speaking with confidence may have been in his memory banks when he wrote, a few years later, “Always be ready to give an answer to the hope you have.” (1 Peter 3:15)

3) Salvation was proclaimed.  The Spirit brings clarity and simplicity to the salvation message. Tweet: The Spirit brings clarity and simplicity to the salvation message. (Acts 4) http://ctt.ec/2cZch+ There’s no other name under heaven by which man might be saved!  (Acts 4)

4) Ordinary men doing extraordinary things.  After Peter finished speaking, the rulers and leaders didn’t even respond.  The scripture says they were amazed and astonished that these were unschooled, ordinary men.  They couldn’t refute the work of healing miracle (Acts 3) and they took note these men had been with Jesus.

5) They couldn’t help speak about what they had seen and heard.  When the Spirit fills us, we can’t help but speak of it.  We can’t help but tell what we have seen and heard about Jesus and his work in our lives.

Action Steps:

– Pray for the Spirit to fill you.

– Stay close to Jesus.

– Never stop speaking of what you have seen and heard.


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