Overcome These Six Beliefs to Unleash Your Full Potential

Our attitude is an important part of success. As Henry Ford put it:

Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.

Henry Ford

I’ve been reading a book called Burn the Boats by Matt Higgins. It’s about tossing plan B overboard and unleashing your full potential. I’ve heard the concept before – burning the boats so there’s no turning back. I like that image.

God has equipped each person with a desire to live out the call of God on their lives based on their gifts, experience, and passions. Too often, we overthink, second guess, and wonder if we can do it.

Here are six beliefs that often hold us back, according to the book. Hopefully, reading this list will inspire you to move ahead despite these thoughts.

It’s too risky.

I’ve noticed this belief in my own life as I age. When I was younger, I took more risks because I had nothing to lose. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve made the mistake of playing it to safe too many times. That will never bring about a good end result. Don’t let this attitude hold you back. Take the risk and give it a try.

It goes against conventional wisdom.

Most successful new things do go against conventional wisdom. If everyone did them, they wouldn’t be amazing. The fact that you have a dream and a desire to put something into action is enough to get started. Conventional wisdom may not be all it’s cracked up to be outside of keeping you from illegal or self harming activity. Taking a dive to explore the possibilities can be powerful.

I have already put in so much time, energy, and money.

At times you have to cut your losses and move on, but many people quit too soon. Sometimes, you need to push through to help make something happen. I like the plea to give it one more year in Luke 13:8-9. If it doesn’t happen in that time, it may be time to let go. Always seek God’s wisdom on when to go ahead and when to let go.

I have to keep doing what I’m already best at. 

This may be the most difficult item on the list for me. My comfort level with what I’m doing is pretty high. I get good responses from people. I have lots of history and experience. Is it wise to try something new or see what might be available? When it comes to a calling to accomplish a project or new avenue of work or ministry, here’s one thought: You won’t lose your skill in the thing you’re best at, and growing another skill might help you overall.

But no one else sees the opportunity.

Because of your experience, skills, passions, and outlook, you may be the only one who sees an opportunity. Go for it and make it happen.

I want to do it, but I can’t afford to go all in.

Projects, entrepreneurial endeavors, and new visions most often can’t be incremental. You have to take a major leap of faith before things begin rolling. That may mean doubling your efforts with a plan to make it happen no matter what. It may require you to make a mental investment or a financial investment. If you feel called, go for it. Build discipline in your life to make it happen.

What is holding you back? Commit to overcoming these attitudes and beliefs and take the leap anyway.

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