One Way To Overcome Fear: RAEF

Raef is Fear spelled backwards.

It’s been said that fear is a springboard designed in reverse. It won’t send us sailing, it sends us tucking our head in the sand and not doing anything at all.

We don’t want to see life through the mirror of fear. We want to take control.

If you have a fear, turn it around. It’s up to you to change the direction! RAEF!

Rule over fear

I once had an incident while flying that caused me to hate flying! I would count that among my fears. As irrational as it seems, it’s there. But I have learned to rule over fear by pressing toward it. I wouldn’t call it bravery but more of a desire to not let fear rule.

One part of our mind controls our rational decision and another part controls our sense of fear. There are times we need the fear center to turn on and work quickly! But if that fear center overtakes our rational, decision making, we can get into trouble. Remember that God is more powerful than your fears and rule over fear with His help.


Don’t let fear springboard you into non-action. Take action. Run towards your fear. As you begin to set aside the fear, you overcome the negative impact that fear would springboard you into inaction. Act as if you are not afraid and the feelings may follow.

Educate yourself

Knowledge helps with fear. Learn all you can. In my flying example, I read that up to 40% of Americans share my fear. That alone helps me begin to overcome it. When I read that spiders and public speaking are more often feared than flying, I thought, “Wow, I don’t have a fear of either of those, so I must be brave!”

Forever perspective

Gain perspective by looking outside the present moment. Ask yourself: “When I’m 75 years old, how will I look back on this moment?” Will you wish you had or wish you hadn’t?

Can you imagine your 75-year-old self saying, “If I hadn’t done that, I would have regretted it forever; my life wouldn’t be what it is now.” This often motivates me to try the new thing, take the next step, overcome the fear – whatever it may be.

Remember RAEF. Turn your fear around. Use it to catapult you outside your fearful life of comfort and into something new.

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