These Nine Characteristics Help Your Family Become More Loving

I picked up a book called The Secrets Of Happy Families by Bruce Feiler and it’s been a great one!

In one chapter, the author shared about an event where policymakers, researchers, professors, and the media came together to discuss the issues of families. What they agreed upon was that most all the findings focused on the negative aspects of the family – breakdowns of the unit, miscommunication, and conflict.

So instead, they agreed to put their lists together to come up with the good aspects of the family and after reviewing their lists, “it was easy to establish consensus.” These nine characteristics help make families happier and healthier.


Family members talk to one another often, in a manner that’s honest, clear, and open, even when they disagree.

Encouragement of individuals.

Strong families appreciate each member’s uniqueness while cultivating a sense of belonging to the whole.

Commitment to the family.

Members of successful families make it clear to one another, and to the world, that their allegiance to their family is strong.

Spiritual well-being.

Researchers concluded that a shared value system and moral code were common among highly functioning families.

Social connectedness.

Successful families are not isolated; they are connected to the wider society, and they reach out to friends and neighbors in crisis.


Strong families are structured yet flexible, and they adjust their structure in response to stress.


People in strong families care deeply for one another, and they express their feelings often. Even if some members are not naturally expressive, they communicate their emotions by doing meaningful things for others.

Clear roles.

Members of successful families are aware of their responsibilities to the group.

Time together.

Members of strong families spend time together doing things they enjoy.

Be praying your family can grow in each of these areas so you can be strong, happy, and a faithful witness to God’s love – even when things are tough!

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