New Student Ministry Resource For Student Ministry Leaders

We have created a new Student Ministry Leader Development and Devotions Packet for local church youth workers! Each one page, easily printable sheet includes a short topic, a quote, action steps, questions for discussion, scripture verse and prayer.

This product is immediately downloadable and can be used to print and share during a volunteer meeting, sent to team members from your church to read or used for personal growth and reflection.

Here are some of the topics in this new resource: 

  • Disciple making must be in your schedule
  • How to watch for great leaders
  • Understanding how most students leave (and how to prevent it)
  • The importance of funding student ministry
  • The difference between confident and comfortable in ministry
  • The benefits of giving student ministry away
  • The importance of a funny bone
  • and more…

As we kick off this new series, we’re offering these printable files for $5.99 (value $23.99).


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Dear Youth Ministry Leader ~

Whether you are volunteer or paid, I want to thank you for your ministry to the next generation through the local church! As you know, it’s hard work connecting with, serving and leading in ministry to students. It’s often lots of hours full of unpredictable situations and issues.[space_20]
However, as hard as youth ministry may be, it’s not difficult. At it’s core, it’s an adult who loves Jesus and loves teenagers. It’s through this simple intersection students experience the love of Christ for them. The long hours become a fruitful investment of time, passing on the faith and sharing God’s love.

I hope this new resource will be an encouragement to you and your volunteer team. When the leaders grows and gets better, it helps raise up the organization. Thanks for your investment of time and energy into learning more!

If you have any questions, please contact us!

In Him,

Tim Price

(download a free sample here!) 



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