New Room Notes 2022

It was a joy to attend the New Room Conference in Murfreesboro, TN in September of 2022. Though I’ve collected my notes here, the three day event is much more than content, it’s a focus on God’s presence and Holy Spirit. The time at New Room is also a reminder that the church needs to pray, rely on God’s Holy Spirit and be sowing seeds for revival and awakening. The notes and quotes below were taken on my phone and I wanted to keep track of them here on my blog, but my main two takeaways were to pray more often and to invest more intentionally in the Sabbath each week. You can get connected to the New Room and Seedbed Movement by signing up to receive the Wake Up Call email each morning.

“No awakening movement ever grew out of a strategic plan. It always comes out of prayer.” – David Thomas


“If we serve a god who attracts only our love and never invokes our fear, that’s an idol.” – David Thomas

In regards to the looming issues with the UMC, “Whatever you decide to do in your church, it must be for awakening.” – David Thomas

“For many of us, it’s like the church has had long COVID.” – David Thomas

“For too long we have created crowds and not churches.” – David Thomas

“We’re done with comfortable, convenient, and cultural Christianity – Jesus did not die for that kind of church.” – David Thomas

“Young adults don’t care about programs, buildings, titles, and strategy stuff. They love and desire the church. They will walk through a wall for Jesus, but you can take the institution.” – David Thomas

“A real family of God is what kids and grandkids need after the emptiness of social media.” – David Thomas

“When have we ever needed parents and grandparents more? Share your story of faith with the next generation!” – David Thomas


We should never be doing ministry unless it’s behind or beside an emerging young adult leader.”

“The fire of God will burn you up or burn you clean.”

“It’s impossible to encounter Jesus and not have our hearts on fire.”

“Communion is coming into union.” – JD Walt

“Confession: Honesty with God doesn’t mean being down on yourself, it means coming to know God’s holiness more.” – JD Walt

“Keep thinking about ministry, but stop thinking so much about your ministry career.” – Alan Jackson

“We treat prayer too casually.” – Alan Jackson


“You matter. The world is desperate for what you hold. You are salt and light in the darkness.” – Alan Jackson

“With Jesus, all you need is nothing but most of us don’t have it.” – Tim Keller

“Sabbath keeping is not a condition to get to heaven but it is the condition of heaven when you get there.” – Matt Sleeth

“The cure to exhaustion is not rest, but wholeheartedness.” – Matt Sleeth

“Obeying the Sabbath was the only commandment that also applied to God.” – Matt Sleeth

“There’s no such saying: “Work like the Messiah.” – Matt Sleeth

“God’s rest is more powerful than our work!” – Matt Sleeth

“Lincoln believed that if we lost the Sabbath it wouldn’t matter which ways the war went – we would all be slaves.”

“If we lose the Sabbath we lose the church. If we lose the church we lose the family. If we lose the family, we lose the nation.” – Matt Sleeth


From birth to death, the church needs to help students stay connected to the body of Christ. – Mariam Swaffield

The Holy Spirit is never irrelevant. – Miriam Swaffield

If the church isn’t home to discussions, questions, doubts, honesty, and mystery about Jesus, where is? – Miriam Swaffield

Conversations of doubt and uncertainty are going to happen with us (the church) or without us. – Miriam Swaffield

Church: hold space for young adults. – Miriam Swaffield


Paul totally trusted the spirit to lead and guide him. – Jim Cymbala

You can’t build God’s kingdom without the Holy Spirit. – Jim Cymbala

“Hey Disciples, how long will be staying here? ‘We don’t know – when He moves, we move. When He stays we stay. We’re not in charge, we follow.'” – Jim Cymbala

The Holy Spirit keeps religion from being an “ought to” religion. – Jim Cymbala

There’s an eternity for everyone you minister to. – Jim Cymbala

“The Holy Spirit will have control or it will have nothing.” EM Bounds

That same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is in us. – Rom. 6:10-11

You can’t love to be with God and not love to be with God’s people. That’s the biggest misconception in ministry. – Jim Cymbala


Don’t focus on the money, building on budget by talking about it alot. Talk about your faith a lot. – Jim Cymbala

We need to be obsessed with Jesus. – Peter Greig

Pray for practical things to happen. – Peter Greig

We put all our hope on Jesus. We put all our trust in Jesus. We want people to know Jesus. – Peter Greig

No revival comes to a competent church. – Peter Greig

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