Never Get Tired Of Telling Your Church These Seven Things

A phrase from Philippians struck a chord with me this morning:

Whatever happens, my dear brothers and sisters, rejoice in the Lord. I never get tired of telling you these things, and I do it to safeguard your faith.

Philippians 3:1

Paul is speaking to a young church, As usual, he is sticking with the basics: Whatever happens in life, rejoice in the Lord.

But the phrase that caught my attention was, “I never get tired of telling you these things.”

Leaders can feel like they are being repetitive. But we must help keep everyone moving in the same direction as we grow in faith and ministry together.

Here are seven things we should never get tired of telling our folks:

  1. God is Good.
  2. It’s all about Jesus.
  3. Rejoice in the Lord.
  4. We’re in this together.
  5. Here’s where we are heading.
  6. Let’s pray about this.
  7. Thank you!

Why repeat so heavily?

As Andy Stanley says, “Vision leaks.” People forget. New people show up. The cycle is constant.

Worship leaders may feel like they’ve sung the song too much while the congregation is barely catching on to it. From practices to rehearsals, a band plays a song 25 times before the congregation hears it once.

The leader of the church is called to help keep the focus through language, reminders, and the building of an effective congregational culture. Words are important. As you keep repeating those parts of the vision, you may feel like you’re wearing it out. But to your people, it’s just starting to sink in.

Never get tired of telling them these things.

What things will you never get tired of telling your people?

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