How can you increase momentum? Discipline yourself to finish each job 100%.

I’ve been reading Time Power by Brian Tracy. Here’s one practical suggestion from his book:

Always put things away. Finish each job or task completely.

Finishing a task is rewarding. In fact, having determined finish lines gives a sense of progress in roles such as ministry leadership.

When you don’t do the simple things – start and end with a clear workspace – you don’t get that feeling of completion.

I can use this practical advice, as simple as it is: Put my stuff away, get everything back in order, check off my list, and do what I can to bring my project to a mental conclusion.

Too often I almost complete things. I leave a box of supplies in my car after an event. I drop stuff on the floor of my office near my desk, where it may sit for weeks. The bulk of the project is complete, but I’m sitting at 98%. Just a few moments with a little more oomph, and I can totally clear it off my plate and have a clean slate.

Momentum comes with each little successful step. Finish what you start. Complete it 100%.

This idea and several other practical suggestions always help sharpen my schedule and productivity. I’ve read this book – Time Power – a couple times now and highly recommend it.


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