Need Focus And Guidance? Create Your Family Mission Statement

A family mission statement can help you focus and guide your busy schedules, your duties around the house, and what adventures you say “yes” to. This post is about how you might create one.

But first a bit of backstory. When my daughter was in preschool, I read something about a personal family acrostic. So we created ours, using our last name. It’s still in the memory banks of my children:

P – Prayerful
R – Relational
I – Integrity Filled
C – Christ Centered
E – Excellence In All We Do

I later created a personal mission statement. It was a simple process that was well worth the time it took. Most of that mission statement is committed to memory; and I read it almost every day. (Here’s the FREE template and my mission statement).

I’m not sure why a family mission statement never dawned on me. Though it may seem too late, it could help our family as my daughters transition to adulthood.

In his book, The Secret To Happy Families, Bruce Feiler, lays out what a mission statement can do and how you can design one.

It begins with choosing words that fit your family; and then choosing the words that matter most. Next, determine the strengths in your family, and finally, the sayings that come up often in your family.

Four questions you can use:

  1. What words best describe our family?
  2. What is more important to our family?
  3. What are our strengths as a family?
  4. What sayings best capture our family?

I haven’t actually worked on this, but these questions motivate me to think about the core parts of our family. I hope they inspire you too.



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