My Election Prediction

After months of election info being poured into my brain (and probably not as much as some since we live in the already decided state of Illinois and don’t have a television in our house) I have some very important information that I would like to share in regards to today’s national election.  Ready?  Here it goes:

The polls are showing, as indicated by the polls that have been taken both nationally and regionally, with an emphasis on either, really, that there is a very close race going on between the main two candidates in regards to the run for the White House.  The most up to date information, given at various times, based on information received from people who know, states that the race is really close.  This 2012 circus mimics the Nixon / Carter election era which mirrors an ’00 Florida debacle, where candidates were trying to outshine, much like, more than any other election in history, save the Wilson years, Kennedy’s bid and Bob Dole’s efforts, despite the fact that he was trying, each other in a way that has only every been attempted by more recent presidential bids, namely, Bush 1 and 2, Clinton, Reagan and Ford.  Though, some may say that nothing like this has ever happened.

Historically speaking, the polls today are closer than they were yesterday.  If you really go back much farther, most people have forgotten.  Both campaigns are listening to their own numbers, their own polls and their own information to make clear that they believe they will be victorious in spite of the small tiny little detail and only one can win, except in the rare case that more than one can win, which actually hasn’t happened since congress voted in 1849 that it could happen if it ever in fact did.

It’s no secret the swing states are in question and will be the deciding factor.  So, being dedicated to research and polls, as such, I visited the park myself this morning to talk with two kids on swings.  When asked who would win today’s election, the kid on swing number one smiled as he said, “Romney.”  Kid on swing number two said, “What? You’re kidding.  It will be Obama for sure.”  I must have missed the non-verbal cues, but they immediately got off their swings and began to fist fight.  I was furiously taking down notes.  Democracy at it’s best.  Now I can see why politics are so much fun.  I don’t condone fighting on the playground. Must come from upbringing.

As the two kids in swings were battling it out, a third voice came from a little girl playing in the sandbox.  In a calm, sweet little voice, she added her vote into the conversation which broke the tie!  The fighting stopped.  And every one began playing again.

And I have to agree.  My prediction for the 2012 election, as voting is underway, will be for whomever wins, bless America’s heart.

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