Ministry Is About People

I recently read about a famous exchange from the former Southwest Airlines CEO, legendary Herb Kelleher. Kelleher asked a friend who had recently started a company, “So, how’s it going?”. The friend groaned, “Herb, I’m spending 99.9 percent of all my time on people.”  Kelleher responded, “Only 99.9 percent?”

The church is all about reaching people. The church has a great model for this through Jesus and by early church leaders. Jesus loved the disciples, He poured into His team, He stopped for the individual with needs, He took time to be with people over meals, He pulled away to pray for people, He spent time seeking the lost people.

As ministry leaders, we must never forget our job is about:

Caring for People

Sometimes, people just need someone to listen to them. Even the smallest act of response toward someone can be seen as caring towards them.

Equipping People

Let people take initiative. Invite people to join you as they learn. Give people meaningful roles in the church. Help people become leaders. Don’t do all the ministry yourself.

Leading People

I saw a motivational picture once that had this caption: “A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.”

Loving People

Loving people should be the hallmark of the Christian church and leaders. Is it yours?

Reaching People

It’s too easy to slip into maintenance mode at church. We become focused on the people we have. We think in terms of those numbers, those needs and we forget that the church should be about reaching people outside the walls. Worse, our time becomes overtaken with financial, building and policy activities.

Inviting People

Always seek to invite people. Build a culture of invitation in your church.

Praying For People

The church should seek God on behalf of people.  During each staff meeting, we pray through the list of needs mentioned. We pray for people in the church.  What time do you pray each day?  Do you have a prayer plan? Do you have a prayer team?

Trusting God With His People

There is a place in Exodus 17 when Moses is leading God’s grumbling people who are thirsty, with nothing to drink. Eventually, God provides a miracle and they drink water from a rock. During this crunch time, Moses turns to God and cries out, “What should I do with your people?” We must trust God with His people.  God is in charge.

How will you focus on people today?

God will allow your path to cross with people who need to hear a word or an encouragement as they walk through a tough time in life.

Never forget – ministry is about people.

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