Make it unreal.

While setting up for a four day event one summer, with what was supposed to be a whole church youth ministry of about 30 kids, we found out the numbers in attendance had changed slightly.  Instead of 25-30 kids, there were only four jr. high girls that would be in attendance.  The sound was up, Harvest was prepared, and we were ready for four days with this group.

After we had heard the news about the change in attendance, and just before the students arrived, I pulled the Harvest Team together to make a new plan for effective ministry in that setting.

As finished our plan of changing the way we’d would operate and lead worship, I made the statement, “alright guys, let’s make this seem unreal!”

In response so me saying that, the drummer for the week looked at me and said, “why don’t we just make it unreal?”  To some degree, that statement changed my life and we have talked and laughed about that moment several times since then.

Why make it “seem” unreal, when it truely can be “unreal”. Why just make it seem amazing, when it really can be amazing!

Let’s don’t rely on the gimmick or something that might be up our sleeve to make the impact.  Rely on Jesus.  Don’t try to polish things so much that the truth becomes hidden. Think, dream, plan and pray and then trust in God to make the ministry truly amazing and life changing.

Following Jesus, reading his word, being in step with the spirit are all awesome and we really don’t have to “do anything” to make them more amazing.  They speak for themselves.

To finish the story, it turned out to be an amazing week – and a few more kids trickled in as the camp went on.  It was a powerful time and I believe the Lord used that week to  draw people to himself – including me.

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