Leap Year – 12 fun things to do with your free day!

Leap Day, as it’s formally called, will happen during Leap Year 2012.  The 29th of February only comes around once every four years – it’s like the extra 24 hours we all dream of having now and then.

So plan now to make the most of it.  Think about what you can with your free 24 hours in February 2012.   Here are 12 fun ideas to get you started:

  1. Invite friends (this can be another time than in the middle of the week) for dinner and games.
  2. Take a day to sharpen your vision – write down goals, dreams and plans for the next four years. Find a quiet place for a substantial block of time and take time to dream.  Make a committment to take a risk and leap into something that you have hestitated starting.
  3. Turn Leap Day into a little personal holiday – take off work or leave early.
  4. Visit a place in your town or neighboring city that you have never been to      before.
  5. Volunteer to do a project at your church.
  6. Do a project at home – Paint a room.  Rearrange living room furniture.
  7. Since Leap Day it’s on a Wednesday night this year – do something fun and      creative with the children’s ministry, youth ministry or other group that meets at your church that evening.
  8. Plan to cook a special meal – something you’ve never cooked before.
  9. Young kids at home? Be creative and make memories by building a day around the theme of frogs (leap).  Wear green.  Make them hop to the car as you drive them to school.  Try frog legs for supper.
  10. An ancient leap day tradition is that women were allowed to propose to men –      in a way of balance roles like the calendar was balanced.  Turn the tables with your free 24 hours this year and plan something unique for your spouse.
  11. Think up or memorize some leap year jokes.  When do kangaroos celebrate their      birthdays? During leap year!
  12.  Be generous in some amazing way.  Give something to someone.


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