Kids Worship Music From Harvest

fruit fruit video - click to watchWe’ve collected and written several songs that work well for getting kids engaged in worship.  Most of these listed below are fun or actions songs.

Chips and Salsa on iTunes

Chips and Salsa on Video 

Fruit Fruit (Fruits of the Spirit)

See a sample of the Harvest Motion Songs / DVD’s 

Fast Food Song – for fun!

Free Song – Your Love



Big God – Great Big God, Super Hero, Undignified, Lions, etc.  

Walk in the Light – Iggle Wiggle, I Like Bananas, 

Within Reach – Everlasting Love, Little White Box, Your Love, etc. 


buy on itunes  Kids Compilation Album On iTunes – Original Songs from Tim Price/ Harvest Including:

  You You You 

  Dive In 

  Your Love (download for free) 

  Be Strong and Courageous

Walk in the Light

I will not Fear

High and Low 

Iggle Wiggle (*Unkown Author) 

Search my Heart

Shine Down Your Light 

Grass Will Wither

Dream Big 


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