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Ignition Middle School Conference came and went – and left in it’s wake a powerful surge of the presence of God in the lives of middle school students!

The theme for the weekend was Live Like That and Lisa Joiner did an awesome job of connecting the scripture to practical ways for students to live like Christ has called Christians to live.  It was awesome to have Lisa as this year’s speaker.  The Ignition Commission did a great job planning for the event and one thing we did this year was the Ignition Mission.  During this time block on Friday Night, Kat Isbell, from Evansville, IN, came to share and involve the entire conference in making “plarn” (plastic yarn).  This will be used to make homeless mats for people.  It was an awesome evening of learning and working toward a goal together.  It was one way the weekend modeled Living Like That!

iggy teamThanks to Troy UMC for their ministry for the weekend.  What a great place to host a conference for Middle School Students!  The team from Troy UMC put together an amazing Ignition Cafe and surprised everyone with a lunch time flash mob dance to the song, Live Like That.  They took being a lunch serving volunteer team to a whole new level!   [Watch The Video]

I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this ministry weekend. I love inviting adults to use their gifts to share Christ’s love with students! It’s what Harvest is all about – helping the church make disciples.

The rest of this post is dedicated to listing the names of people who helped make Ignition happen.

Suzanne – Thanks to my wife Suzanne for her partnership in the ministry.  She always has such great ideas and spells them out simply.

Christine – Thanks to Christine who is the key leader for communication, website and conference administration.  Harvest wouldn’t be Harvest without her.

Lisa  and Kat –  Great job to Lisa and Kat!  We met Lisa during a youth ministry conference at Central Christian in Mt. Vernon, IL.  We met Kat during a district retreat at Camp Illiana a couple years back.  You guys were great.

Tonnie – Thanks to Tonnie who served on the Ignition Commission and helped pull the Ignition Cafe, the Flash Mob and the Ignition Mission together. Awesome dinner too!

Shelby – Thanks to Shelby who served as the Small Group Coordinator and helped with hospitality and administration.

Jessica –  Thanks for coordinating the rec time and for serving at the resource tables!

Tyler – Thanks for for your help in sound checks and in set up.

Judy – Thanks for the use of the 9 square game!

Pat – Thanks for your help in getting the parking lot set for Ignition.

Millie – Great job on the keyboard, Millie – and great harmony.

Ben – Thanks for making it!  Great job on bass.

Joe – Thanks for playing guitar for worship and thanks for making the Ignition Cafe so awesome with the live music!

Brian – Thanks for your expertise on sound and for your easy going style.  You make it all sound good and look easy.

David – Thanks for your willingness to help lead the media team for Troy UMC at Ignition.  The set up, the video and the lighting was great.

Kelly – Thanks for your part on video team and with set up.  Awesome job.

Mark L. – Thanks for helping with lyric projection and video.  It was cool having you with us all weekend.  Thanks for the late nights!

Mark F. – Thanks for your partnership in the tech ministry for Ignition!  You’re a great team player.

[side note:  The Troy UMC Tech Team pulled off the entire weekend without a hitch – it was awesome!]

Steve and Tammy – thanks for leading a small group for the event. It was great to have your help with the dance too!

Julie – Thanks for taking pictures and helping with set up!

Mark, Adam and David – Thanks for leading a seminar.

Shelly – Thanks for your part on the Ignition Commission.

Bobby – Thanks for your part on Ignition Commission and your part in the worship band.  Great going.

Zack – Thanks for pinch hitting for one session!  Great job on the bass.

David B. – Thanks for your gifts in hospitality and organization!  It was a smooth weekend.

Steve – Thanks for all your help with the set up and the building use!

Emily – Thanks for singing, leading and serving!  You’re great.

J.R. – Thanks for all the trips, the dance, and helping with the overall weekend.

Linda – Thanks for helping to make the homeless mats!

Kurt – thanks for your part in the dance and for organizing the TUMC Group.

Ruby – great job on the dance – thanks for teaching it to me.

Emily – Great job developing the dance and making all the practices!

Dawn – thanks for your help in serving food and doing the dance.

Donna – Thanks for your part in Ignition with the dance.

Dale – Thanks for helping to serve lunch and for the fun at the dance.

Chris – Thanks for your partnership in helping the weekend happen!

Carol, Nikki,  Casey, Olivia, Alayna, Debbie, Abby, Sue and all the others who were part of the first ever Ignition Flash Mob!  It was a blast.

Praise the Lord for you!


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