Become A Host Church For The Well

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Thank you for exploring the possibility of hosting The Well in your area!  For the past ten years, I have enjoyed investing a few days each fall connecting with and helping to equip local church youth workers around our region. Each fall, there are typically 130-140 youth workers who gather together for these events (15-20 at each site).

This is a partnership arrangement between the host church and Harvest Ministry.


Harvest Conferences Provides:

  • Presenter expenses
  • Printing, postage and online promotion
  • Packet for each participant
  • Handling registrations through the Harvest office
  • Complementary registration for six (6) participants from the host church. Others from the host church may register for a discounted rate or $10.00.


Hosting Church Partners By Providing: 

  • Facilities (large enough room for 20-25 folks to sit on one side of a 4×8 table or round tables, if available).
  • Screen or wall space suitable for projecting images.
  • Projector to accommodate a lap top (or a presentation set up, we will provide a jump drive with material.)
  • A light sandwich meal (or whatever you would like to provide) for all the participates
  • Some coffee / light refreshments (if your session is in the morning).
  • Any promotion you would like to do in your church and/or community.


Host churches can choose between day time or evening session.

Here are the possible schedules:


8:30 – Gather / Registration

9:00 – Worship / Opening

9:15 – Session with presenter

10:15 – Discussion Groups

10: 45– Break

11:05 – Session with presenter

12:00 – Lunch



4:45 – Gather / Registration

5:00 – Worship / Opening

5:15 – Session with presenter

6:15 – Supper

6:45 – Discussion Groups

7:20 – Session with presenter

8:25 – Conclude the Well


Who would attend?

Student Ministry Pastors, youth staff, volunteer youth leaders, Sunday school teachers, other ministry leaders who work with the next generation!  We will be inviting youth ministry leaders from around the community to take part.  Typically, there are 18-25 in attendance – about 3-4 from the hosting church and other youth leaders from churches within a 50 mile radius.

We ask that the student ministry leaders and pastor (whoever will be attending the session) not be directly working with the meal team for the event.  If this can be delegated, it will provide a richer experience for the host church student ministry leadership.



October 3 – 6

October 12-13



If your church would like to host The Well at an alternate time, specifically with your church and leaders you invite, we invite the church to provide an honorarium to Harvest Ministry and we will set up a date and time to work with you.




Don’t miss this video training series:  “HOW TO GET AND KEEP STUDENTS CONNECTED TO YOUR MINISTRY



What you will receive in this resource:

– four videos, each teaching you one of four phrases that churches must strive for to get and keep students connected

– five bonus videos

– teaching notes, resources, discussion questions and action steps

– notes and resources from The Well (last two years)