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harvestsummer4It was amazing to watch the 2013 Harvest Summer Team ministry unfold.  God was at work in the lives of students, leaders and the Harvest Team.  I love the hours stacked on hours that we have the opportunity to have faith-filled conversations and community together.  It’s great to be see a perspective of the greater church – there are so many people!  And it was great to be with this year’s team serving all of June and July. This was the 18th season for Harvest Ministry as we served leading music and worship for camps, churches and events all over Illinois and surrounding states.

THE 2013 TEAM:

Tyler Lynn, Troy, IL – Tyler played drums this summer.  This was his 3rd summer and I appreciated his leadership and team participation.  Tyler is a great musician and is great with people.  Additionally, we added in the iPad on some songs and turns out Tyler is really musical and picks up “strings” naturally.  For several events, we went simple and used the cajon and that worked well to for those settings.  I appreciate Tyler’s easy going style and his desire for things to be really good.  He got in there and got it did.

April Scott, Doinphan, MO – It was great to have April on the team this summer.  I first met her at a Denny’s parking lot in Dale, IN.  She had already applied for the team and we met to discuss her role.  As it turned out, she was able to be the bass player for the summer and did a great job.  In addition to bass playing and great singing, she was a master at drama!  She learned sign language to a song and was the informal director for the dramas that Harvest used this summer.  I like how April seems to take life one day at a time – at a slow pace.  I also believe she has deep faith.

Jessica Przybylski, Lawrenceville, IL – It was awesome to get to know Jessica this summer.  I’ve known her since she was a kid, but this summer, she served on the team doing sound and tech.  She did a great job learning the computer programs and the sound board.  Jessica is able to stick to plans and is really disciplined in her approach to life.  She got the team on board with a jogging plan that lasted all summer.  She keeps herself motivated and on task.  And she quietly (as well as not so quietly) invites others to remain on task too!  Jessica is a great prayer, a great speaker and was a huge asset to Harvest this summer.  You have to be able to trust the person running the lyrics and I trusted Jessica.  Jessica also loves coffee and goodwill t-shirts.

Emily Gray, Vincennes, IN – We met Emily last summer during her church’s mission week where Harvest led music.  And it was a joy to have her join the team.  She is a great singer and learned to play a couple other instruments too.  She has a way with kids and is able to pull out their best.  She is also a good balance-er on a ministry team – helping everyone feel included and loved.  Emily laughed at the jokes, thought things were funny and kept the tiniest memories alive:  to each his own, wren in wome, etc.  Great job on the music and ministry Emily.  And we are praying for your family!


Princeville, IL; Wesley Woods, Indianola, IA; Clare Memorial UMC, Omaha, NE; The Blue Flamingo, Omaha, NE; The Big Garden, Omaha, NE; Camp Jo-Ota, Clarence, MO; Generations Camp, Louisville, IL; East Bay Camp, Hudson, IL; Epworth Jr. Camp, Louisville, IL; The Village, Godfrey, IL; First UMC, Vandalia, IL; Epworth Sr. Camp, Louisville, IL; Family Life Conference (Tim’s Family), Greenlake, WI; First UMC, Lawrenceville, IL; Youth Rally, Lawrenceville, IL; Transformission, Indianapolis, IN; Holiday World, Santa Claus, IN; Kumler UMC, Springfield, IL; East Bay Camp, Hudson, IL; Beulah, Jr. High Alive, Eldorado, IL; Concord UMC, Paducah, KY; McKendree Village, Nashville, TN; The Bridge, Nashville, TN.

Short Terms Teams this summer served for these week long camps and events:  Fledgling Camp, Louisville, IL; Beulah Beginning Camp, Eldorado, IL; Beulah Bible Camp, Eldorado, IL; Encounter Tour, Wisconsin Dells / Chicago, IL; Christian Disciple Farm, Sullivan, WI.

These folks served on short term teams during the 2013 Harvest Ministry Summer:  Millie Fuesz, Troy, IL; Bobby Davis, Glen Carbon, IL; Kim Przybylski, Lawrenceville, IL; Brian and Alex Donelson, Marion, IL; Andrew Allsman, Alhambra, IL; Ryan Roach, Benld, IL; Justin Richards, Oblong, IL; and Shelby Riddle, Newton, IL.


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– This summer, I was reminded again that ministry coincides with life.  It all happens together in one big ball of good and bad.  During our summer, we got to meet and talk with Emily’s mom who is struggling with cancer.  We all even went to the hospital one afternoon while were in Indianapolis to visit  with her.  Additionally, we had to drop off April off to attend a funeral for her great-grandma.  She was away for several days with her family.  The Harvest people attended a couple weddings and had other life things happening as we served together.  Additionally, we received news toward the end of the summer of the death of Ryan Roach.  We left one camp early to attend his funeral.

– As we walked each of those roads, we also had fun together, which is what community is all about.  Someone to share in burdens and to enjoy life with.  Summer Team travels builds all kinds of jokes, stories and memories. “How know who know long” it’s going to take chronicle all of those stories – we’re just going to have to get her did.

– I was fascinated by the people we ran into that loved their jobs, worked in missions, and were rearing to go in these little corners of the world.  Many of them were young, had intended to pursue other careers, then found themselves working homeless shelters, garden projects and community centers and loving it.

– The 2013 Harvest Team was solid this summer.  They were friendly, talented, deep, easy going, easy to please, connected, willing and from June 2 until we finished, it’s been a joy to serve with them.

– Thanks to team, with a charge led by Jessica and Emily, I think the coffee sales and ice cream sales went up for business around the Midwest this summer.

– We had lots of musical configurations this summer and I appreciated the flexibility of the group being able to do so many different things:  Guitar, Cajon/ Ipad on strings / Sign language during songs / a’capella hymn / harmony / different people stepping in to play with us and the list could go on.  Thanks to each one on the team for making that happen so effectively.

– Our team had a chance to speak at events this summer.  One week of Sr. Camp, each Harvest Team member took a morning and preached for the service.  I preached in the evening services.  We enjoyed the opportunity and the group did a fabulous job.

– The 2013 team also broke in the new van this summer.  Praise the Lord for all those helped raise the funds for the van (if you would still like to give, you are welcome to here).  Special thanks to the Bloebaum Family for being an anchor, special thanks to the Fuesz Family for being an anchor and special thanks to Mark Fresen for helping us pick out the van and for putting on the tow hitch.

– My daughters have been singing 10,000 Reasons, One Thing Remains, and a whole bunch of other songs from the summer.  I’m so grateful that it works for out for them to join Harvest during several of the weeks.  It’s awesome for me to know that they are witnessing God at work through the lives of people in missions and ministry.  And I’m so grateful, as I am with every kid we come in contact with, that’s it’s an experience with God that draws us in.  Harvest, somehow, beyond anything anyone could have ever planned, has spent years opening the door and awakening children and students to the possibility that a faith walk is what life is all about.


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