Giving to Haiti

As I reflect on the year anniversary of the earthquake disaster in Haiti this time last year, I lift the nation up. Recently, I got a letter from a friend of mine who was going on a Haiti work trip with his church and was raising cash support for the trip.  We sent a check.  After he returned from his trip, I got a call from him.  He and his wife were making plans to move to Haiti to become full time missionaries.  They both have experienced incredible life change and they, with their four young children will be moving there in the fall of 2012.  Currently they are making plans, raising more support, selling their house, etc. 

When I heard that story, I was inspired.  I never dreamed the small investment would lead to this!  I am grateful for their obedience to follow the call to serve the people there with their lives. And I will be praying for their preparation. 

Giving to Haiti has come in many forms!  And this picture of a family willing to give their lives is probably one of the greatest stories I’ve heard. 

When someone asked him, is it safe to take his family there, he replied with a statement that I haven’t forgotten.  He said, “The safest place for me and my family is in the middle of God’s will.”

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