From Complex to Simple in Six Steps

simpleDo you ever have an issue and wish you could just make it simpler?  Wish you could make a complex problem into a simple one?  I realize there are many things in life that are complex and ministry with people is one of them. Here are six steps for clarifying and simplifying complex decisions…

1) Clarify your end goal. What do you want to see happen as a result of your work or your decision?

2) Break your issue you down into little steps.  What is the first thing you need to think about before anything else?

3) Gather information.  Who do you need to talk with before you make a decision?  What do you need to understand more clearly?

4) Determine the risk.  What will be the worst thing to happen if you make the wrong decision?  What issues could come up?  How big of deal is it?

5) Understand who will be affected.  Who will be the recipient of the decision?  Who will be affected by the issue?

6) Make your final answer clear.  When things get sticky or confusing, the best thing a leader can do is make a clear and concise decision regarding it.


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