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We spend much of our lives at work. At any given time, life can be taken from us and we would have lots of unopened emails, lots of comments on social media and lots of unfinished business.  But the biggest regret would be having not enjoyed the ride of life.

I just finished reading a book called The Energy Bus (Jon Gordon, 2007). It was a great little story about a guy who allowed his life to pile up with dust to the point that he was on the brink of losing it all.  He couldn’t find joy in work, at home or relationships. He was unenthusiastic, hated where he was in his job, didn’t like the team members he oversaw and was a mess.  Then, George experienced the bright and shining attitude of a city bus driver and began to get a glimpse of how life can be.  He learned ten rules about life.

Rule number 10 is to “have fun and enjoy the ride.”

Our attitude on the journey is really a make or break it deal. We must learn to appreciate, be content and enjoy life’s moments.

One study, which included asking 95 year-olds what they would do differently if they could do life over again, concluded with this:

  1. They would reflect more. More sunrises and sunsets. Enjoy more simple moments. Take notice of when they are filled with joy.

  2. They would take more risks and chances. Life is too short to be filled with fear. Go for it and do it!

  3. They would have left a legacy – something that would live on after they die.

The common thread is to enjoy the journey of life.


As Christians, we have a great capacity for this – and should lead the way in demonstrating joy in life.

Leave aside wishing for what your neighbor has. Be content.

Wake up each day, thankful.

Arrange your life for more simple things.

Determine that you have control over your schedule and your attitude.

Serve others.

Seek God and trust His Word.

Pick up a copy of Jon’s book here!  It’s a motivating story!


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