Don’t Succumb To “Spiritual Amnesia” – Look At Amazing Past Victories

If we forget past victories, we succumb to spiritual amnesia.”

Jim Cymbala

I recently read the book, You Were Made for More by Jim Cymbala.  I loved the concept of taking risks and moving forward based on the motivation and encouragement that comes from reflecting on past victories.

Thinking about Harvest Ministry motivates me to put my full trust in God. I’ve always seen God at work making things happen. Here are few things that have amazed me over the years:

  • God moved in my heart in middle school, high school, and in my churches.
  • Starting in college, God opened doors for me to serve in music, leadership, and ministry in the greater church.
  • The Lord seemed to lay Harvest Ministry in my lap; and sent me off on a journey of leading and serving all over my home state and the Midwest.
  • I’ve been privileged to do ministry in and through our home church here in Troy, Illinois. Countless people have come through the doors of our building. Through our ministry structure, leaders have been equipped and sent out to serve.
  • I’ve seen God’s grace in our home and family; and watched him provide for our family in this unique ministry and mission life.

It hasn’t always been easy, but when I look back, I’m thankful, humbled, honored and inspired.

If God did it then, he will do it again. He worked in my heart then, and he is now. He called me clearly then, and he calls me clearly now. God provided then, and God provides now. Praise the Lord.

It can be inspirational and motivating to take a moment to think back and reflect on the ways God has been faithful. If you’re considering the next step in life or ministry, looking back may give you enough faith to take a leap.

When we forget to look back at spiritual victories, we may, as Jim Cymbala says, “succumb to spiritual amnesia.”

Never forget what God has done in and through his people for centuries – and what he is doing in you.

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