Motivation, which is based on fear is all about personality, and inspiration, based on love, comes from the soul.

Though both are needed, true change in someone’s life comes through inspiration.

We can’t inspire unless we let go of our fears.

Inspired people become enthused. While motivation may lose its power based on the outcome, inspiration continues in us and through us.

When we are motivated, our behavior is determined by the external. But with inspiration, our behaviors are determined by the powers at work within us!

Inspiring the souls of others not only makes a difference now, but it also makes a difference in whatever that person does over the course of a lifetime.

When I serve with others in ministry, I don’t just want to motivate them to do things, I want to inspire them to be something. I want to help awaken in them a desire to use their gifts for kingdom work and ministry. I’m praying this inspiration will bring much fruit in the kingdom.

Some people don’t want to talk about warm and fuzzy stuff that goes into inspiration – really caring about people, sharing encouraging words, tor hinking about the eternal impact. But if you really want to make a difference in the lives of your team, your family or your employees, shoot for inspiration.

Motivation has its place – to get a room cleaned up, to finish a small project or any number of other things, but don’t confuse motivation with inspiration.

(This blog post was inspired by the book, “Inspire, What Great Leaders Do!“)

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