Dedication – 5-D Worship Process

This blog post is one of five aspects to worship leadership.  Read the intro post.

Dedication is the first aspect to worship leadership.  It’s on the leader’s mind as people join your team, but it’s also ongoing as one keeps people growing and moving forward in faith.

For the worship team member,  dedication to God, to the church and to the worship team is important.

As with any ministry role in the church, we want leaders to have a heart for God.  And as far as music leadership goes, a team mentality is very important. Dedication to both is important. Worship team unity is a must if we are going to lead the congregation into wholehearted worship.

Volunteers in the worship team also need to continually – daily – renew their commitment to Christ.  Living life for God off stage is more important that when you are on stage.

What are some other practical ways to apply this?

Volunteers to Ministry:

1.) Show up when scheduled or alert when not available.

2.) Promptness: dedication to the team.

3.) To grow in excellence.

4.) To support the pastor and leadership.

Ministry Leaders to Church:

1.) Talk highly of your church.

2.) Support the pastor and the worship leaders

3.) Serve with all you have, as long as you are able.

4.) Ride out storms.

Leaders, Pastors, Volunteers to God:

1.) Live with God.

2.) Trust that God has called you here.

3.) Keep fresh in his Word.

4.) Stay connected through prayer – both talking and listening.

5.) Find joy and refreshment through fellowship and accountability.

Leaders to Volunteers:

1.) Returns on investment: a) thank you cards, b) thank you emails, c) 2nd hand compliments

2.) Value as a person: a) listening, b) time keeping with rehearsals and run throughs, c) direction, d) birthday cards, e) advance scheduling

3.) Display pictures of those serving.

4.) Signature Boards (a place for each team member to sign their name on the wall).

Pray for yourself as a leader and for your worship team.  Pray for the courage and strength to remain dedicated to Christ and the ministry in the body of Christ.

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