Church Camps: How to engage on social media

summer campI mentioned in yesterday’s post that church camps need to utilize social media.  The big key for making social media work is engagement.  Here are 10 engagement ideas for you:

1. Keep dates of camps flowing on social media.  Always be inviting people. 

2. Create concrete points of entry – connect with people, invite them to like the page, etc.

3. Advertise your social media sites on camp publications, in emails, at tables in the dining hall, etc.

4. Re-tweet, like and connect with those who mention the camp in any way – reinforce their connection with a response.

5. Invite people to connect and follow by offering incentives to do so – have a drawing or a contest.

6. Brand your social media by using the same picture for each profile.

7. Keep the presence of the camp in people’s minds by posting a picture of the week.  Or post a rare picture and ask people who can determine what part of the camp this picture was taken? Keep it interesting.

8. Post archived pictures from years gone by and see if you can connect with people who are pictured.

9. Post scripture and devotions for students.

10. Take polls and ask questions.



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