Camp Directors – Utilize Social Media

social mediaChurch Camp Directors – are you utilizing social media?  It’s one of the best free ways to connect with your target group!  And now is a great time to start creating some momentum for the summer season.

Get these things working for you this week:

1)  Instagram – Your address should be something like  You can take pictures of areas around the campground, take pictures of preparations for the camping season and you can connect with students who have been a part of camp! Post pictures from last year.  Post retro pictures from camp. Connect with leaders from your team and students who have been a part of camp in the past.

2)  Twitter – Twitter is another way to connect.  The link should be something like  If it can match your Instagram and Facebook page, that is optimal.   Post invitations to sign up for camp.  Send reminders about special events and days.  Set up a daily prayer verse.  Connect with churches and leaders.  Retweet students who post things pertinent to camp – mirco testimonies.

3) Facebook – Set up a page on Facebook specifically for your camp.  Post pictures from last year and tag leaders, churches and leadership students.  You can post pictures from worship, quotes from students, and invitations to register for this summer.  You can link Instagram to Facebook and / or to Twitter, which makes it easier to manage all three.

Each of these are free and relatively easy to set up.  Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with students.  Engagement is key to being effective and, if needed, you can delegate aspects of social media to others around you.

As with any social media, you may need to have permission to publicize pictures (and if needed, a special clause for social media outlets). But, even without posting kid’s pictures, you can share lots of wide view activities, landscapes, buildings, leaders who are serving, logos, etc.

As an example, here are the Harvest social media links:


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