Church Assimilation Like A Bee Hive

IMG_3784I had the chance to visit Walter T. Kelly, one of the few bee hive supply companies in the country.  We took a fascinating tour and enjoyed some great honey. Interestingly, we learned that the process from egg to fully engaged worker bee is only 16 days!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could speed up the assimilation process for people in the church?  What if we were able to get people fully engaged and connected in a matter of just a few weeks. When I got home from that trip, I wrote out an idea: 60 Days To Becoming Fully Connected.  Of course, these steps would be different for each church.  But here are five benefits of having a system for assimilation.

First of all, we need to assume that people who visit our church are potential candidates for becoming fully engaged, growing in faith and serving in ministry in and through the church.

Second, guests in worship need to know the steps for getting involved.  When the steps are listed and able to be found and understood, you’re halfway there!

Third, when a church leadership team writes out the steps for becoming assimilated to the life of the church, the clarification that comes through the struggle creates a clear path for newcomers.

Fourth, Most people want to know what is expected of them.

Fifth, it’s all about relationships and every individual is different.  People aren’t connected to a system, they are connected to people.  The system is in place to make the human relationships and a growing relationships with Jesus possible.

Leaders in the church may not realize the serious issues surrounding a person who is trying to get connected.  Just like the bees, they were created to work. They were created to make honey.  They were created to be a part of the hive.  They were designed to be faithful and committed.  Our intentional act of trying to assimilate people is an act of worship, sacrifice and genuine care for the lives of people with whom our paths cross!  People need Jesus.  They need the church.  And being a part can change lives.

Assimilation isn’t something that you can leave to chance.


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