Christian College Students Should Attend Worship

There’s a myth out there that kids attending college probably aren’t going to get up and go to church on Sundays.

Is it really realistic to think that a student who stayed up late on Saturday night should be a regular part of a worship church community on Sundays?

Thousands do every week.

It doesn’t have to be just like the home church, but find a place where you can grow, connect and serve.

Christian parents should establish with their children the importance and the expectation that they should be attending church when they go to college.

College doesn’t have to be a time of bad decisions and falling away from the faith. In fact, it can be a time of immense and personal faith growth as they learn to take on their personal faith. They can grow in an incredible community with others their same age and in close geographical connection. It can be a powerful time.

Parents: Don’t be scared that your child will go off the college and lose their faith. Begin praying today that the college or university will be changed by the faith of your student who will be or is attending.

If you’re a college student out there, you’re not alone. Find a church to attend. Invite a friend to go with you. Lots of churches would love to have a few committed college students involved on a regular basis. You can make a huge difference.

Don’t let this season slip by! Get involved now.

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