Build A Leadership Culture In Your Organization To Flourish

I’ve shared lots of posts about culture and I still believe that it’s a powerful force in your ministry.

One great thing you can do for your church is to build a culture of leadership – what it looks like, how to become one, what a leader does, how it helps grow the church and more!

If your stated goals aren’t supported by the right kind of culture, your ministry will drift toward the kind of culture that is present. It’s true for developing leaders, too!

There are times, no matter how hard to try to grow, you won’t grow if the culture is, “things great as they are.” The status quo clicks in. No institution drifts toward growth on its own – because at the heart of an organized institution, is the desire to stay the same.

However, when God’s spirit gets involved, miracles happen! Growth occurs and change takes place in the lives of people good systems in place or not!

Jesus developed leaders to help take the charge and carry it on. That’s why it’s important.

In his book, Leaders Made Here, Mark Miller tells a parable of a new CEO named Blake who helps change and shape the culture. The starting premise is that leaders shape the culture.

So, we have to help develop leaders who understand that they can help shape the culture. This can often be the leaders in your midst right now!

Here are the steps outlined in the book:

Define It – through consensus, develop a definition of leadership.

Teach It – ensure everyone knows the leadership point of view and leaders have the skill required to succeed.

Practice It – create opportunities for leaders to lead – stretch them with assignments that allow them to prove and improve their abilities.

Measure It – track the progress of leadership development and make changes as needed. Set goals for leadership in your ministry!

Model It – lead by example – people always watch the leader.

When you create a leadership culture – others taking on the roles and responsibilities to care for others and work through others – growth will begin to naturally happen!

It is the most important job of the pastor or leader!

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