Bread on the Cross

We led worship for a weekend family camp that concluded in communion during the last service.  Each person was invited to come as the pastors placed the bread into their hands. The Harvest projector and computer were set up displaying the large cross that we have used as a standard picture since 2002.  As I played guitar, I watched the communion elements being shared and noticed that the line had formed in front of the projector making shadows on the screen.  When I looked on the screen, the cross was still visible, but there was a perfect silhouette of bread being broken and little kids’ hands receiving it. 

Even though it broke the musical flow, I tried to pull out my phone and take a picture and missed it. 


But the mental image is still vivid and truth is obvious.  His body broken for us – for these kids at camp, for adults all over the planet, for lives lived all these many years – and for me.  And though it’s been many years since his death and resurrection, we lift our hands to recieve from Jesus, through the power of the cross, and find life. 


It was a great Sunday morning for me.  Many times, camps and retreat centers don’t have the best projection set ups.  But on this particular day, it was powerful. 

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