Become A “How” Thinker And Experience A Great Day

I’ve been reading Have a Great Day by Norman Vincent Peale. I always read these types of books with a bit of caution because I know we have valleys in life when the days aren’t great.

But I’m convinced that as we walk in faith in Christ, we can trust that his joy will fill us each and every moment. As a result, we should strive to have a great day every day, staying open to the endless possibilities of kingdom living and loving others.

As I considered ways to have a great day every day, a tweak in thinking resonated with me – Become a “How” thinker (as opposed to an “If” thinker).

The “If” thinker says things like, “If only I had a break,” “If only I didn’t have to deal with this,” or “if only I had more money.” On the other hand, the “how” thinker has these thoughts: “How can I compensate for this shortcoming?” “How do I accomplish this?”

We could probably make a large list of similar questions, but I think it is easy to grab the point.

“If” thinking will:

  • Prevent us from trying new things.
  • Prevent us from taking risks.
  • Keep us wondering why nothing in life is successful.
  • Keep us wallowing in our own issues.

“How” thinking will:

  • Help us clearly see opportunities and jump in.
  • Inspire us to try something new.
  • Find ways to succeed.
  • Help us have fun overcoming challenges.
  • Give God glory for miracles that take place.

As you are thinking today, focus on HOW.



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