A Season Of Vision Re-Focus

The COVID shutdown has given ministries, pastors, and churches the opportunity to step back and refocus on vision.  Normally, it’s not easy to find a block of time like this for retooling and assessing.

I have been re-reading IT: How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep It by Craig Groeschel. In this book, he describes how some churches seem to have it while others don’t. The factors are somewhat elusive: some churches with a charismatic leader and large budgets don’t have it while other churches seem to have nothing but it.

Most church leaders want it. Part of the equation comes through vision. Here are thoughts to stir your vision as you keep pressing forward in seeking Jesus, being passionate about the lost, and serving faithfully in your ministry.


Start by asking two questions:

  1. Why does your ministry exist?
  2. What can your ministry be the best in the world at?

Answer these questions to see how you might begin reshaping or fine-tuning your ministry before getting back to a new “normal.”


An effective vision must always be memorable, portable, and motivational.

Memorable seems fairly straightforward. It must be short, have purpose behind it, and be crisp. Anyone should be able to repeat it quickly.

Portable means that you, your staff, your constituents, and other leaders can carry it. Everyone should be able to share your vision clearly with others, anywhere, anytime.

An effective vision must always be memorable, portable, motivational.

Sam Chand

A motivational vision helps people rally around it. Without passion and excitement behind your vision, you will lose ground. Your vision needs to be big enough to require relying on God’s strength. If it’s too easy, it won’t be motivating.


Once you’ve reflected on these things, start communicating your vision over and over. Weave it into your communication so everyone knows it and remembers it.

If you’re uncertain of what your vision needs to be, consider these ideas:

  1. Take a day with no digital devices and pray for your organization and the vision as you go about your regular stuff (outside of screens). Have your Bible and a pad of paper with you.
  2. Read about vision or ministry in general.
  3. Read the book IT: How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep It by Craig Groeschel
  4. Read the book Visioneering by Andy Stanley.

(Both of these books can be listened to on Audible, which offers a free trial.)

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