A full weekend

Tuesday morning in the office and I want to report on an incredible weekend of ministry! harvest-pic-vandalia-20091


Saturday was the Element Worship Conference hosted in Troy, IL.  What an incredible day of ministry with people from all over the region.  We were excited to have JD Walt with us to share in the ministry and leadership.  I was also glad to have some of the Troy Praise Band to sing and open up the day.  And then, it was really fun to pull together all the people who were part of Harvest.  The day wouldn’t have happened without their leadership.  Thanks to Jeff Nail, Justin Aymer, Jackson Price, Theo Harden, Marc Sikma, Megan Tyler, Matt Renfro, Suzanne Price and Christine Fuesz.  The day was almost like a reunion in some ways!  I appreciate your part in the Harvest! 


Sunday morning, we enjoyed participating in the services at First UMC in Lebanon, IL.  It was a refreshing time to be with the church as they celebrated new members, consecration Sunday and baptismal renewal.  The team was Matt Renfro, Jenny Kremmel and Tim, Suzanne and Ruby Price.  It was a great morning! 


Sunday evening was spent in Vandalia, IL!  What a great crowd that night as we worshipped together and had fun in ministry.  The Harvest Team that night was Justin and Abbie Aymer, Jarrod Beasley, Theo Harden, Kale Uzzle and Tim, Suzanne and Ruby Price. 


What a fun weekend to be connected personally with so many churches, leaders and servants in the kingdom! 

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