_____________ and Worship.

I have seen most everything when it comes to titles of church staff.  One observation I’ve noted over the years is how combined roles have changed.  When I first began to notice staff roles, many churches did “Children and Youth” together.  One person would oversee all the facets of each.  This is still popular in medium to small size churches.

As modern worship music began to come in, I saw countless churches with a staff person with a title of “Worship and Youth”.  In some ways, this role is still out there, but not quite as much.  It works, but does give the indication that new forms of worship are equated with the student ministry.  It might make it harder to cross the bridge eventually to modern worship as a part of the congregation. 

In the last few years, it seems that worship became attached less to youth ministry and more to graphics, tech and media.  The worship staff person often is in charge of the website, the Sunday morning media presentation, and the sound around the church.  This is still a really common combination, though the “tech” side isn’t usually listed in the official title.  What does this say about the role of worship leader? 

Much could be said and talked about based on these staff roles and the changes in them, but the focus of my thought today is how this may apply to us, personally. 

I wonder if we have taken that approach in our lives.  Worship and (fill in the blank).  We don’t have the luxury, much like 97% of the churches, to totally separate worship from other stuff. 

So, what if we if we just tweak it a bit… let’s try it this way:

(fill in the blank) and Worship. 

That might help us stay focused on the idea that what we are doing is worship to God. 

I play guitar and this is my worship to you, God.

I do my homework to the best of my ability and worship you, God.

I love my wife and family with all I have, and this is my worship to you, God.

I take part in the church ministry, and this is my worship to you, God

I play sports, I love to critique movies, I enjoy messing with computers, I get a thrill out of organizing people, I love to babysit, I am honored to (fill in the blank for whatever gift God has equipped you with) and allow that to be my worship to you God.

I like that. Worship is always attached to our roles in life – as Romans 12:1 says – ” …this is your spiritual act of worship”.

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