4 Types of People

commotion31. There are those people who get amazing things accomplished without much commotion.

2. There are those people who get amazing things accomplished, but cause lots of commotion while doing it.

3. There are those people who don’t get much done but cause lots of commotion in the process.

4. There are those who don’t do much at all and cause little commotion.

Which one are you? You’re probably different depending on the role you are in at the time.

When a person is serving out his giftedness,  they probably fall into group number 1 most of the time.  Their work comes off so naturally that it’s like breathing – quiet.

For those who feel driven, especially in volunteer worlds – such as the church – many times they are able to accomplish the task, but do so with lots of noise.  It’s not that the commotion is bad, it’s just not as easy to make it happen.

Stay away from the third type if at all possible.  We don’t need the stress. Of course, if you get the chance, try to help them find what they are passionate about so that they can help.

Finally, in many churches, our prayer is that more people will move from group four to one of the first two groups.  Many people just don’t think that they can offer much and they are fine just going along for the ride.

Which one are you?

Next time you get a chance, do the job, do it well, do it right and finish without a lot of commotion.


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