3 Steps To Cultivate Vision In Your Life & Ministry

visionHere are three simple steps to cultivate vision in your life and ministry.

Pray about the future of your life and ministry.  Spend time seeking the Lord and praying about what might be.  Invite God’s spirit to lead you.  Pray that the things you are involved in today will be springboards for the next step.  And pray that not only will God use you in those things today, but that he will be growing you, strengthening you and equipping you for what is next.

Talk about about the future of your life and ministry. Talk about what could be.  Dream about what you think could happen and begin to share it.  In many ways, speaking the future into reality is what leadership is.  Say the words outloud to yourself and to others.  What is your dream for the future?  Share it today.  And invite others in.  As you share, be open to God’s work on your vision through the conversations of others.

Work toward the future of your life and ministry.  In what ways do you need to prepare yourself for your future dreams?  Is it a degree?  Is it a new skill that needs to be learned?  Are there new systems that need to be in place for the ministry to grow?  Is it a new discipline?  It’s going to take some work.  You know the old saying: “The best time to plant an oak tree is 25 years ago.  The next best time is now.”  Today is the day to jump in and work hard.


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