$15 to go to camp…

Typically, adult leaders and volunteers register and pay to attend camp with their students.  It’s quite a sacrifice – pay to hang around with kids, work hard, sleep little and go 17 hours a day.  But toward the end of last week’s camp, each adult was handed a bank envelope with a label on it.  The sticker on the outside of the envelope said that someone had given a donation and that this donation was intended to be split among all the adult leaders and volunteers who paid to come to camp.  Each person received $15 cash. 


I loved it.  I thought it was incredible.  For one thing, someone from the church saw this creative way to be generous and motivating with their money.  For another thing, I saw such appreciation from the leaders who received it.  Fifteen dollars is not that much, but it’s an amazing gesture.  It’s enough to go have lunch with someone.  It’s enough to go get ice cream with a family.  It’s enough to put gas in the car if you need it. 


And it was enough to let the leaders know how important it was for them to be present during the week.  It’s an idea that I will be using.  And I will be praying for different people who will help invest in the leaders who volunteer, register and pay to attend Fire-Up, Ignition and other events.  I would love to do something like this!  It was a great, creative, and fresh idea.



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