11 Steps To Effortlessly Plan and Promote a Ministry Event

special-eventIf you work with the next generation in local church ministry, you no doubt have an event on the horizon.  Either a one night gathering, a weekend event or a trip.  Here are 11 steps to get it off the ground.

  1. Pick a date 3-8 months in advance (depending on how large the event is)
  2. Check over all possible conflicts on school, church and home calendars
  3. Determine the goal for your event – outreach? discipleship? fundraising? mission event? community building?
  4. Pray for your event.  Expect a great turn out. (Develop a prayer team for your event – before and during)
  5. Partner with someone – area church leaders, community event organizers, mission organization, retreat center, school, etc.
  6. Develop a team for budgeting, promotion, programming, planning, execution – not a ton of people, but each must have a clearly defined role.
  7. Promote through church publications, social media, community, denomination, students, and families.
  8. More promotion: follow up with phone calls to specific people, make personal contacts.  Be sure you have some commitment and ownership.
  9. Reconnect with the key parts of your event – if you have a band coming, talk with them.  A speaker? Follow up.  Traveling do an event, double check details.
  10. Delegate food prep, technical aspects, set up, registration, graphics, and anything else you can think of.
  11. Enjoy the event, then follow up with thank you, connections, and contacts.

If you need a worship band for a student ministry weekend, family ministry night or children’s event, let us know!  We’d love to be a part of it.

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