#1 Way To Combat Laziness Forever

Laziness-WorkThe Bible speaks pretty clearly to laziness.  Here are several verses from Scripture.

Here’s the #1 way to combat laziness:  Become prone to noticing when something needs your attention and act on it.

Sound simple doesn’t it?  It seems so easy to decide to do something.  We have such great intentions.  But what does it really take to not put things off?  We need to practice taking care of what need to be taken care of.  Here are some thoughts:

1) Christians need to be hard workers.  We don’t need to be workaholics, but when we are on the job, we need to give it our all.  And when we are home, we need to take care of those things that need to be taken care of.  One of the ways we can witness to our faith is to give honest work and to do our best even if no one is looking.

2) Christians need to be able to be counted on.  If you say you’ll take care of some, take care of it.  Don’t get a reputation of not doing what you are supposed to do or what you say you will do.

3) Christians need to use their time wiselyTeach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. (Psalm 90:12)  We need to replace laziness with discipline – reading, praying, etc.  Kingdom work is worth it!  

Become prone to noticing what you need to do and do it.


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