9 Q’s To Assess The Image of Your Youth Ministry

mirrorEvery ministry or organization has an image. It’s what people think about you.  We don’t just want people to think we’re great and doing well – we want to actually be great and doing well!  In order to create that kind of culture in your organization, people need to believe it.  What is that people think about you?  What is the image of your youth ministry?  How can you help your group, leaders and participants have a healthy, vibrant and excited image of what you are doing?

Here are some questions to ask about the image of your youth ministry:


1)  What do you believe about your ministry?  The old quote goes – the speed of the leader is the speed of the team.  You are the cultural architect for your ministry and that helps set the tone for what people believe.

2)  Do you have a healthy image of your leadership in ministry?  Do you sense that this is your calling?  Are you willing to give 100% while you were here for this season?  Are you trying to be too many things to too many people?

3)  Are you helping the church stay faithful in discipleship of the next generation?  Are you trying to do too much of it on your own?  Are you partnering with the vision of your pastor for the growth of the youth ministry?


1)  Do the students have a healthy image of their youth ministry?  Do they get a chance to have a voice in the planning and in the leadership of the ministry?

2) Do students participate in the life of the church?  Are they confident in their mission and role in the church? Are students meaningfully connected to an Christ centered adult in your ministry?

3) Do they invite friends?  Do they understand the primary mission of inviting people to join them – inviting their friends to experience faith together?


1)  Does the church have a realistic and healthy view of their ministry to students?

2)  Does the church support, help, assist and actively take part in reaching the next generation?

3)  Is the church proud of the ministry they have to students?  Are they welcoming to students – no matter if their families attend or not?

If your ministry to students stopped today, what impact would that have on the community around you?  Would anyone even notice?

Remember, an image is an opinion or concept held by the public – and though it may not be accurate, it’s what people believe.  Be who God is calling you to be and allow that passion for Christ to shape what people believe about your ministry.


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