Volunteer Motivator: Satisfaction

There are many factors to volunteer motivation, including vision, mission, invitation, success, ownership, connection, belonging and satisfaction. This post is on satisfaction as a motivator.

Ultimately, we want volunteers to have a sense of satisfaction from serving in their role.  Even in times of frustration or critiquing – which is needed for things to improve and change – volunteers need to feel fulfilled in their role.

As far as the church goes, there may be few things worse than a person who doesn’t want to be there fulfilling a position.

Here are some thoughts for ensuring satisfaction with your volunteer teams:

They are living in their giftedness – Continue to help them evaluate their gifts and utilize their gifts. This may mean, at times,  moving from one role to another, but encourage it! Allow them to explore where their gifts might be growing. The key to satisfaction as a volunteer is to match the job that needs to be done with people who love to do that job!  Offer ways for your volunteers to give you feedback.  How do they let you know how things are going?

They need to know they are making a difference – Let them hear the stories of success.  Keep the attitudes as positive as possible. Thank them and give them concrete examples of how they are making a difference.

They need to know that someone knows they are making a difference – Recognition, though isn’t required by volunteers, is definitely a boost to their satisfaction.  It can be privately given through letters and emails or may be publicly given during thank you and speeches.  Second hand compliments also travel quickly – telling someone in passing how much you appreciate someone else.

Satisfaction is important.  And sometimes satisfaction may not come from the single act or job, but from the fact that they are part of the larger picture – helping the mission move forward!


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