Hey Troy UMC Hospitality Team Members,

I’m so grateful for your ministry!

I’m grateful for the opportunity we have to make an incredible difference in the lives of people who come to worship at Troy UMC!

We’re praying for more opportunities to influence people and make them feel welcome as we invite them on a journey with Jesus.

We’re continually growing as a team and growing in excellence as we serve!

This may be a long post, but dig around to find the information you need to be ready and prepared in the Troy UMC Hospitality Ministry.

If you’re new and would like to join the team, talk with Tim Price to get started!


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The purpose of our team is to make others feel at home, especially guests! Hospitality Teams play a critical role in engaging with guests so Troy UMC can continue the mission to “invite others on a journey with Jesus.” It takes a lot for a new person to work up the courage to show up to a new church. Statistics show guests make up their minds about returning within the first few minutes of being there! This is where we come in—seeking to make each person, especially the guest feel welcome and at home. As a team, we’re continually practicing and learning the best ways to      accomplish  this! Thanks for your leadership and your service in ministry!


· Wear a blue magnetic name tag (if you need one, let Tim Price or the church office know)

· Hold open the doors for people as they arrive—stand outside the door if possible.

· Still need to be mindful of COVID as we greet people—more waves and smiles than anything.

· During worship—do a physical count of the total and fill out count sheet. Place the count sheet in the offering bag or in Bonnie’s Mailbox in the copy room. 

· At the end of worship, step out to the lobby during the last song and be ready to hold open the doors for people as they leave—”see you later,” “thanks for coming,” or “see you next week!”

· Focus on connecting with anyone who you notice may be new! Take time to approach them, introduce yourself and if you discover this is their first time, invite them to connect by filling out a guest card and give them one of the gifts—a mug at the welcome center.

· After most everyone has left, place the contents from the offering box and count sheet into the blue bag and into the safe in the copy room. 


· For most services during the pandemic,  the ushers and greeters are  fulfilling the same role.

· 8:00 and 10:15—please check the altar candles.

· 9:00 ushers will remain inside the FLC while the greeters can be stationed in the lobby with the ipads.

· We want all roles to be thoughtful as we try to anticipate needs of those attending—extra chairs, kids’s area, etc.


· Wear bright vests and take a radio. Dress in layers!

· Think of the role as a parking lot greeter—waving smiling as people come in. If there is a need or concern, address it or let others know inside the building. Help direct people to right place—after a wile of greeting, you learn how new people will respond as they enter.

· 8:35—9:00—welcome people in and say bye to the 8:00 crowd who will be leaving. From 9:55—10:15—wave bye to the people leaving 9:00 and wave in people attending 10:15.

· There could also be a parking lot welcome greeter before the 10:45 service.

· This ministry is so important!


· Scheduled by Don Satterlee, Team Leader.

· Radios and at least one person assigned to each service.

· Keep an eye on the service from the back and take quick walks around the building to double check on children’s ministry, other classes, etc.

· Help with any needs—medical, people seeking assistance, etc.

online greet

· Welcome people to the online worship services.

· Post needed links and digital connection information at the top of each service.

· Respond to people who make comments.

· Help engage people with simple questions, moving to more thoughtful ones as the service continues.

· Curb conversation derailment and block any potential trolling that may happen.

· If in conversation you uncover something from someone (a prayer request, surgery, issue) share it with bonnie@troyumc.org and or sharie@troyumc.org.


The purpose of the Hospitality Team Host is to help anchor the various hospitality teams during the whole Sunday morning.  The Hospitality Team Host will be focused on encouraging, connecting and huddling with the volunteers for the day. The host will also be available to answer questions, fill in where needed and keep a focus on connecting with new people.

host schedule

8:15—11:15 am—Host Schedule / Duties

8:15—check in with 8:00 hospitality

8:25—setup for 9:00 team

8:30—Huddle with 9:00 team

8:55—Be available at the end of 8:00 to connect with new people, thank those serving, etc.

9:40—Prep for 10:15 team

9:45—Huddle with 10:15 Team

10:00—Connect with new people from 9:00 and thank the team, help with offering, etc.

10:15—Prep for 10:45 Service Teams

10:20—Huddle with 10:45 Team

11:10—Upstairs to connect with new people as the 10:15 leaves

11:15 or so—head out when needed

roles and tasks

Check In—

Sunday morning times would be 8:15—11:15 on your Sunday to serve as a host

· Upon arrival, encourage the 8:00 greeters and make sure they have all they need.

· Help get the 9:00 team set up (radios, vests, wands, offering bags, attendance sheets, etc.

· Huddle with the 9:00 service hospitality team about 8:30 am—connect, introduce new team members, share anything needed, invite a team member to pray for the day.

· Sunday details—communion services, extra cards, pens, reminder to people to help make sure all the areas are covered, etc.

· After each service, double check with offering for team members—keep equipping people to know the systems and details.

· Guest cards in Bonnie’s mailbox (in copy room) as opposed to bag in safe.

· Help make sure we connect with guests at the end of each service.

· Double check candles in sanctuary before 10:15

· At 9:45—connect with those serving in hospitality for the 10:15, intro new people, huddle together and pray.

· Be on the lookout to help recruit new people to help serve in hospitality ministry.

· Make sure team members have a nametag or blue button.

· At 10:20—connect with the hospitality team for 10:45, intro new people, fill them in on roles, huddle for scripture / prayer and get ready for serving. Make sure they have all they need before heading out.