Top Ten List for Preserving the Status Quo in Worship

I recently found this Top Ten List for preserving the Status Quo in Worship.  I just cut and paste it for you to read too!  (Page 70, In Search of Wonder, Howard Publishing Company 1995)

10. There is nothing we can improve in our worship experiences.

9. There is nothing to repent of in our history as a worshipping community.

8.  We have neither calling nor obligation to make our worship more relevant to a modern world.

7. It is impossible to be both biblical and pertinent in the same worship setting.

6. The only way to worship God acceptably is to worship him in the ways we remember from childhood.

5. The worship experiences we have known in our history are fully appropriate to what a holy and perfect God deserves.

4. Our worship communicates effectively with and assist powerfully in evangelizing the lost.

3. Our public and private worship appears to captivate, inspire, and stimulate Christians to greater faith, love, and unity.

2. No one in our fellowship has ever expressed interest in or need for change in our worship practices.

1. We know – both intellectually and experientially – all there is to know about the worship of God.

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